I provide translations from French and Spanish to English, producing texts which combine accuracy and fluency to fully convey the message and tone of the original text. I always tailor my translations to the specific purpose and audience the client has in mind, ensuring a perfect fit.


I revise texts that have been translated from French or Spanish into English, comparing the original text against the translation. This allows me to pick up on mistakes that may have escaped the original translator, in order to ensure that the translation is accurate and reads well in English.


I proofread English texts in order to pick up on and correct small errors in areas such as grammar, spelling and style. This service is especially useful for texts written by non-native speakers of English, who may require an expert native speaker with exceptional attention to detail to polish the text.

My rates

Rates will vary depending on the project in question. I can provide a firm quote once we have decided together what your requirements are and I have inspected the source material. During this stage, I always ensure that I am suited to the project and I will not take on any jobs that fall outside of my areas of expertise. In the event that  I am not a suitable match for your subject requirements, or you have text in another language pair, I would be more than happy to refer you to a trusted fellow professional who specialises in those areas and languages.

Translation projects are priced per word of the French or Spanish source text; texts which are especially short may be subject to a minimum charge. Revision and proofreading projects may be priced per word or per hour, depending on the individual project.

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